Parent’s Guide: Do’s and Don’ts for Parenting Your Tomboy Daughter!

Growing up a tomboy was rough. Period. As a young girl, we are constantly bombarded with tips on how to be more girly and pressured to be this very ideal of what a woman is supposed to be, and what she is supposed to act like. It is hard enough being harassed by the media, but hearing it from your parents only makes it worse. Yes, as parents, we all have hopes and certain visions of what he think our children should turn out as. But, lo and behold! A lot of times our kids wanna be different than what he want them to be! The truth is the more you try and pressure, the more they will resist…ah but come on…we all know this by now, no?

First thing not to do is take your daughter shopping for girly clothes. She will HATE YOU. I promise, and she will never wear the clothes that you spent your hard-earned money on, so why bother? If she wants to wear scary Frankstein shirts or Nirvana t’s, just let her. She will love you for it, and isn’t that the most important thing, her love?

The other thing not to do is try and force her to attend girly events or do “girl” things. Just thinking of the things my parents used to make me attend makes me sick to my stomach. Girly slumber parties, where you talk about stupid boys and do our hair and make-up??? No thanks!

And you may be thinking, “Geez, this girl must have grown up to be a lesbian!” But, I’m not. I never have been and never will. I kid, and use humor to make my point, but the truth is that this idea of what a woman is supposed to be and all the silly pressures that come with it are just a bit joke. If a woman is not comfortable doing certain things, she should never be forced to. If she wants to go get dirty playing baseball, and go spit with the boys, and eat like a pig, and not wear jewelry, please let her. She will love you forever if you let her be herself and let her do what feels right to her.

Don’t make the mistake my parents made, because if you need any more convincing, my folks and I sure are not close today. I wish that we were, but the fact that they could not except me then, and still don’t now, will forever seperate us. If you have children you must love and except them for who they are, not who you want them to be. Thanks for reading! Pass the knowledge along. 🙂

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