ADHD with Children or Even Simple Parenting Information

If you’re struggling with your child’s behavior, attitude or just general discipline, then you might want to look at this. It”s most directed towards ADHD with children, but it can also help any child. Every child should have discipline, structure and activities in their life. All of the above could make your life (the parent) more peaceful.

As mentioned above this topic is more focus on ADHD with children, But if your a parent struggling with some of the same issues, you also can apply these techniques. These are not secrets just general parenting information that you may be able to implicate. These are not ADHD cure, but if you use this information along with the treatment, you and your family could find more peace in your lives.

  1. Discipline: Training to act in accordance with rules. If you give your child to much lean-way they will walk all over you. I’m not saying marine style life (they are children), but if you have a certain rule in your household “don’t give in” once you do, it’s all down hill and they will win every time. If you say something like “If you do that, these are the consequences….” stand behind those words. You may have to face a small battle, but it’s better then a lifetime of war.
  2. Structure: Children don’t know what comes next that’s you’re job. Have a daily and weekly schedule for the things that happen regularly (breakfast time, brushing teeth, bathing, homework, ex….). These time should be set in stone so your child knows what’s going to happen next without thinking or asking “It takes some time,practice and effort, but well worth it”.
  3. Activities: There kids they have energy, if it’s not disbursed in other areas it will get dump on you. Sports, hobbies or just go play outside and run, play date with other kids, Karate is great for ADHD it gets the energy out, teaches disciple and has plenty of structure. I know that T.V. time is an instant relief for us parents, But it’s not that good for your child if possible set a time limit on T.V., games or computer time one, two or maybe three hours.

Healthy diet is also very, very important the sooner they learn healthy habits the easier it will be for them to adapt. Every kid loves candy or sweet, so adapt make these for special time, the key is to make it limited so they really appreciate those special times. Ever hear of “a healthy kid is a happy kid” this is true. If there healthy they will have more playtime energy and positive thought.

Children with ADHD often have a lower zinc level, so a zinc supplement is a very good idea. Also research has shown that giving your ADHD child some Omega-3 supplement (fish oil) help the brain function better and will help them to focus. In other words any good brain food is great for ADHD. Need or want more information on this topic check out

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