How Parenting Affects Our Children

I never expected to be a mother and then one day a stick had a reaction, an X an O or a line, who knows but the fact was, I was a mother! A son was born, and now we are three and in a couple of years we would be four when our daughter was born.

I had one of each, and I was happy with that and made the decision not to have any more, we would raise these children the best we knew how with visions of joy and happiness, big family gatherings, lots of cousins and boy, the holidays would be spectacular.

He had his ideas of how to be a father; I had no idea of how to be a mother, but we were willing to figure it out. Funny how we grow up and have expectations, and some we do not even know exist until a situation rises and we then find out where we excel and where we fall short as parenting continues.

My son would take constant supervision; there would be lots of parent teacher meetings and even Friday reports monitoring his weekly process. Regardless of our efforts we could not make him have an interest or drive to do what it takes to pass from one grade to another. Eventually, he would finish high school and spend the next four years serving the U.S. Navy. He now has an education in engineering and a plan for his future, we could not be prouder.

My daughter would become a high school graduate at age sixteen, have three college degrees over the next couple of years and is currently working full time with the Sheriff’s Department and taking on twelve units, full-time college studies and getting straight A’s. This girl will give what ever it takes accomplish what she wants for herself and her life.

We let him do more, we spoiled her, you like him better, why this why that, all issues that come up and have us judge our parenting skills, still we do what “we” think is the right thing under our own personal circumstances.

These are very different outcomes for two children who came from the same parents. What made the difference, what did we do or not do? We do not know, but I will say that we feel blessed and proud of our children and are happy that even through divorce they have come out so well.

I’m looking forward to becoming a grandmother, more joy and less stress but we will always worries about our babies and if we are doing the right things.

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