Parenting Tips: Dealing with Baby Colic

It is certainly no fun for anyone involved, when dealing with the issue of colic. However, it is important to keep in mind that the more relaxed and calm you can remain, will have a direct correlation to how long it can take for your baby to return to it’s former content self.

Always remind yourself that the baby loves the sound of your voice – not, of course, when you are upset or yelling – but when you are calm, and singing to your baby (ideally while rocking the baby) will help to distract from the pain/discomfort of colic. If the baby continues to cry and cry – even after your best soprano – it is likely time to go for a stroll, or a ride in the car, or even to your doctor (especially if you have become beside yourself, and feel like you have done everything to help, but to no avail).

There should be at least two people that can come to you and your baby’s rescue in short order, if you should find yourself at the end of your rope, due to an extended crying session. It is not easy for a mother/father/caregiver to hear their baby crying – and it is natural to want to do everything possible to help the baby feel better. For one reason or another, some people have a hard time asking for help, or it doesn’t occur to them to ask for help – perhaps fearing being a burden to others. Sometimes it can take a village to raise a child – and most people, when it comes to the safety of a child, will do whatever they can to help out – and would much rather be ‘burdened’ than not.

Should you know someone that has a newborn, it wouldn’t hurt to let them know that you would be willing to watch junior so that they could have some down-time – and since some people won’t ask for help even when they need it, you could give them a call on the phone, here and there, to let them know that you just made a batch of scones and you need a taste-tester. Then stop by with your fabulous creation, and a jar of preserves, (or, perhaps, stop by with something other than scones, that you know they will love – giving you the chance to put baby in the stroller and take off out the door) distracting potentially stressed mom/dad/caregiver, and thereby putting you in the running for best friend/neighbor/family member award!

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