Parenting Tips Should Include Life Lessons

Every parent wants to pass on tips to their children about life lessons they’ve added to their arsenal of parenting skills. When the parent’s son or daughter starts their own life lessons list, these children will one day give parenting tips to the offspring they have produced. In that way, the cycle of life lessons and parenting tips continues forever.

Here is my parenting tips guide to the life lessons I plan to pass on.

Secure Salvation
Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior for guaranteed eternal life. Much information is presented as truth but the Word of God is without error and will be eventually found to be completely accurate by every person. The one true God should be at the top of any list of life lessons.

Be Faithful To Tithe
Always give God the top 10% of gross income. It’s a spiritual law that produces a harvest of abundance on a continual basis and is one of many parenting tips, if acted upon, creates important life lessons.

Save From Every Paycheck
Give the next 10% of gross income to a savings account. When savings is viewed as any other bill, it will be paid on time. This is one of the life lessons that will add up quickly right before your eyes.

Do Unto Others
Treat others exactly the way you want to be treated and you will live in harmony with all people. Some parenting tips are the hardest to pass on if they haven’t been mastered.

Be quick to forgive and say you are sorry. I’ve missed this a bunch of times and it’s part of the parenting tips I’m still working on.

Be Responsible
Clean up your own mess. We shouldn’t leave any dirty laundry for others to deal with. This is one of the life lessons that should be learned early on.

Learn About Trust
Trust no man but do not be suspicious of him either. People that are out to take advantage of others usually show their real motivation if we wait, stand back, and watch how they behave. As one of the parenting tips and subsequent life lessons, this is especially hard to become skilled at.

Need People
People are needed for success. We all need other people to point us in the next direction for our destinies. People are an asset that can’t be overlooked.

Treat Your Body With Respect
Our bodies must be taken care of to last. When we are younger our bodies are able to take abuse and negligence; however, as we age we will understand the significance of listening to parenting tips about eating well, resting, and taking care of our mind, body and spirit.

Strive For A Life Of Balance
Live a balanced life and make adjustments if that balance gets out of sync. If we are stressed and out of sorts then this natural balance has been altered. We must make quick adjustments and get in tune with the natural ebb and flow of life.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this parenting tips and life lessons list before it’s passed on. For the meantime I’ll be thinking about what parenting tips and life lessons I can add.

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