Professional Paddlesports Association Working with US Paddling Outfitters to Provide Passport for Free Paddling for 9th Graders!

9th Grade students all over the United States can go paddling for free this season thanks to a new program announced by the Professional Paddlesports Association (PPA). This program, called the 9th Grade Paddle Pass allows 9th grade students to register and receive a passport that will get them up to ten free paddling trips with participating outfitters all over the United States. They will simply go onto a website to pull up the registration form, complete it then have a teacher or administrator verify the information and return it to the PPA. The PPA will provide that student with a passport that the student can take to a participating outfitter that is listed on the website and receive a free paddling trip! The passport will allow each registered student to experience this up to ten times – either at the same location or, trying out another one. The pass will enable them access to a canoe/kayak rental as well as the necessary gear for the activity. The PPA continuously strives to encourage people to try paddling as a suitable alternative for the day-to-day inactivity that normally comes in an individual’s life – particularly in children. The 9th Grade Paddle Pass is one way to get children to experience the great benefits of paddling and grow the sport within the next generation.

American Children are in trouble. The socially acceptable way of life is to sit inside and become a stagnant mass in front of a computer screen, video game or television and to only go outside to get into a vehicle to take them to school where they sit for eight more hours learning how to go to work to do more sitting. What happened to playing outside? What happened to using their imaginations to make up games instead of just robotically following a game that came from another’s imagination? This appears most critically as children are entering High School and they begin to form patterns of what their future will become. To combat this trend the Professional Paddlesports Association is partnering with Nova Craft Canoe from Canada and other outdoor promoters to begin what will be a continuous program promoting outdoor activities among the youth of today.

The Paddle Pass provides a unique opportunity for teens to get out and enjoy the outdoors with their families at a minimal cost. The major emphasis of this program is introducing an enjoyable, recreational activity for teens to enjoy that includes physical activity and nature connections. The pass represents an initiative to positively influence the recent decline in physical activity seen among today’s youth. To combine the appreciation of nature that can last a lifetime with a fun way to exercise provides youth with opportunities previously left unconsidered. This philosophy runs in conjunction with an ongoing movement geared towards reconnecting youth with nature for the purpose of securing the future of our ecosystem. Families are also strongly encouraged to become involved with this initiative; they are often being the enabling factor for children’s participation in outdoor activities.

9th Grade Paddle Pass is a nonprofit initiative that promotes and encourages youth participation to engage in outdoor activities. To facilitate this program the PPA invite any organizations, business or agency to help support it. Any contributions to Paddle Pass will make a difference. For more information about the Paddle Pass and to download the registration form, go to

Since 1979, the PPA has existed as an association of outfitters and retailers that has a mission to promote the growth of paddlesports recreation and business. To do so, the PPA devotes equal effort for its membership toward three main goals: increasing paddlesports participation, improving paddlesports safety, and enhancing business education for industry professionals. For more information on the PPA call the main office at 231-652-1830 or view the website at

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