The Bussiness of Successful Parenting

Being a parent is a full time job. Just like any other business there’s also a certain criterion which needs to be met in order to be a successful parent. I’ve learned through the years the best way to conduct a household is to “work smarter not harder.” This statement is a definite must when it comes to raising children.

To be a successful parent you must always have your priorities set in the proper order. Young children are creatures of habit, and this “sense of order” is very important to them and their future well being. We are the children’s main source of information and learning in which they pattern their lives after ever day. They endlessly watch our habits as we go through the day and try to duplicate each one. To be able to set good habits with our children, we first must obtain these good habits ourselves. Here are just a few ideas which might help your “business” to be more fruitful.


Scheduling is very important to the young child. Just as in any business, employees are expected to be prompt with their job and to perform it efficiently. Meals and bedtimes must be set on a routine basis, this gives your child a sense of responsibility from a very young age. Make sure that everything is done on schedule and remains that way. A sense or order is very important in teaching your children to be dependable.

When it comes to running a good “business home” being smart and alert is definitely a plus. Get to know your children along with their good points and their bad ones. Soon you will be able to optimize their good habits and correct their bad ones. Be alert to what’s going on around you and anticipate what might be getting ready to happen around the next corner. If you’ve learned their habits this shouldn’t be too much of a problem; I’m sure you seen all of this occur before.

Be Prepared

Plan any trips or outings ahead of time, this is a way of providing all of the essentials which might be needed for the trip. Nothing can ruin an outing worse than forgetting an important item which was left back at home due to poor planning. Children are usually on their best behavior when they know an up and coming event is on the way. Most of the fun is in the planning, and also waiting for the event to happen.

Include your Children

As your children get a little older, give them small jobs that they can help out with. Feeding a pet, or helping out with a hobby is a good way to start them out. Cleaning their rooms and picking up after themselves is also something which should be done on a routine basis. This gives them a sense of pride when they have completed their job and done it well. Tell them “thank you” when they’ve completed their job. This means more to them than you could imagine.

Ask their advice, and let them help out in making decisions when they to be made. This teaches your child to think on their feet, and also gives them a sense of pride. As they learn to make decisions they begin to use their creativity and to be spontaneous. Their young minds are now growing at an astounding rate, so now is the time to encourage the young potential mind. Once they’ve done their chores reward them for their good work, this gives them a sense of achievement and also accomplishment.

After a few years you begin to notice the good habits which have formed in your children. You watch the decisions they make, then smile to yourself. Now they’re gaining a little wisdom. Then they stumble and fall and get back up like always.

These “habits” are now sunk deep into their soul, and will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Now what they’ve learned will help them to achieve their destiny in life. They will take these ideas and morals and pass them down to their own children; your grandchildren. Now as your children prepare for their future, they’ll take what they learned from your “Successful parenting” and go on to achieve a rewarding and productive life.

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