Favorite Parenting Blogs Written by Dads

Proving once again that guys and gals aren’t so different after all, dad bloggers are popping up all over the web. I’m pleased to see it because I think dads have a lot to offer. Reading about involved dads, learning about theirperspective on all the nitty gritty stuff like parenting and marriage, it helps me to look outside myself and see what I can improve. I hope that some of you can find yourselves laughing along or sharing your thoughts. I’m sure they’d appreciate knowing that you’re reading. If there are any dads out there who may be interested in sharing their experience or networking with other dads, maybe this article could be a good starting point. Without further ado, I present the dads.

Dad Gone Mad


This man always has me laughing hysterically. His writing style is excellent, his humor is easy to relate to, and the cast of characters is vividly portrayed. From Hot Wife to Wondersis to his children, The Champ and (The Artist Formerly Known as)Barney’s Biggest Fan, I can relate to it all. His friends also have amusing nicknames and the stories behind them are well worth a read.

I’ve only been reading him about a month or so but even his archives have had my husband and I in stitches. Definitely recommended as one of the top blogs I read.

Rude Cactus

A little more on the serious side, but still a very good read. The cactus also blogs over at Dadcentric, which is one of several sites that tends to hosts several bloggers. His wife also has a blog and together they have an adorable little girl.

Cynical Dad

He is indeed cynical, but I get that. He’s a stay-at-home dad which leads to some interesting stories. I enjoy reading his blog because he comes off as a real, down-to-earth guy. A bit shy, a bit off, but hey…we all have our quirks.

Angry Biscuit

Intelligent, thought provoking, and a definite activist, Angry Biscuit has one of my all-time favorite blogs. He’s open and open-minded with a quick sense of humor and a real gift for writing. He’s an involved dad, an involved son, and happily involved with a rather interesting fellow. Yes, he’s a gay, opinionated liberal in the heart of southern territory but don’t let that scare you, his Gay Agenda is well-known. I have yet to see a situation that he won’t tackle, and that alone endears me to him, even if I disagree with his viewpoint at times.

Daddy on Board

A published author and columnist, a blogger dad, and an attachment parent to boot, blogger Christopher Smith adds his own unique brand of humor to parenting not one, not two, but three kids. I think his columns give a refreshing glimpse of involved parenting from the dad’s angle without being pushy or preachy. I’m a recent reader, but I think he’s great.

Websites I read with multiple dad bloggers

The Blogfathers – Dads You Can’t Refuse

An eclectic grouping of dads from around the net who happen to blog. From Laid-Off Dad to Because I’m Your Father, with a little Mr. Nice Guy, who’s 2nd to latest entry is currently about erm, menstrual paintings, you’re sure to find some good laughs here. Dadgonemad and Bean’s Dad appear to be in the Witness Protection Program there, which is how I found the site 🙂

Dadcentric – Now with 20% less lice!

I’ve gotten quite a few laughs here. There are even some dads of teens on there so I get to see what’s coming (whether I like it or not). To me, it seems like a well-rounded and quite amusing peek into the lives of dads.

Dad Bloggers – Dads for life. Wanna write about it?

A very large conglomeration of dads. Something for everyone. Some of their entries are touching. Some are thought-provoking. Some make you laugh. I enjoy the big variety here. I can’t even pick a favorite!

Rice Daddies – we’re the reason aZn kIdZ tYPe liKE tHis

A very interesting collection of dad bloggers with one thing in common. The one thing I really like about this site is that the dads regularly talk about the cultural differences that they face, particularly once they become parents. It really opens my eyes to other cultures. They have a sister site for moms called “Kimchi Mamas”.

I wish I got more time to read blogs because I’m sure there are many other gems out there, but if you’re looking for dads who blog then this is a good start. Many of them have links on their pages that can take you to other dad bloggers or groups for dads.

If you know any great dad bloggers, feel free to let me know!

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